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Pineapple House

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Lots of fun at the Pineapple House from shopping to dining!!

It is a very convenient pineapple shop located just 4-5 minutes away from the rental car office.
Please visit the “ Pineapple House” full of delicious delights and fun activities that everyone from children to adults can really enjoy.

Basic information


Company name Pineapple House
Business conditions Souvenir shop
Address 684-1 Kagamizu, Naha city, Okinawa Prefecture
Business activities Souvenirs sale and restaurant
Representative Takeshi Uehara
Access Located in front of the entrance to Camp Naha of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force which is right by the Kagamizu intersection on Route 331.
Parking 10 cars can be parked
Type/Genre Souvenirs
Area Naha city


A large model of pineapple is the landmark.

A souvenir photo with a giant pineapple at the Pineapple House!

10 minutes by car from Naha Airport on Route 331 and arrive at the Pineapple House marked by a giant model of pineapple!!

Lots of fun at the Pineapple House from shopping to dining!!

Restaurant Pineapple Kitchen

The Restaurant Pineapple Kitchen is a parlor with one side glassed-in. Enjoy the view along with your meal.

The Restaurant Pineapple Kitchen on 2F mainly offers Okinawan soba, Agu pork dishes and sweets, and accommodates individuals as well as groups. Total of 80 seats.

A well-known Okinawa soba restaurant also popular among local people!
The broth is also made by spending time and effort to extract the flavor of the ingredients.

Big Pineapple Parfait

The 15 inch tall Big Parfait that's very popular among Japanese tourists!

Big Parfait full of pineapple! Enjoy various pineapple flavors at once!

The amazingly big parfait, 14 inches tall, is filled with pineapple from fresh pineapple to pineapple ice cream, pineapple cookie, pineapple jelly, and on top of all that is whipped cream and pineapple jam.

Shopping area featuring a wide variety of goods

We, as a pineapple shop, offer a distinctive variety of tasting samples and goods!

The souvenir shop Pineapplehouse has a variety of original products made from pineapple such as confectionary, juice and cosmetics. The popular “Original Sponge Cake with Pineapple Pieces” is a fine and delicious sponge cake with plenty of pineapple pieces on top which has been manufactured for thirty years now.
A specialty product available only at the Pineapple House.