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The Nakamura House

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National Important Cultural Property The Nakamura House

The Nakamura House is believed to have been built in the early 19th century as the home of a wealthy farmer. The construction method is strongly reminiscent of the architectural style of the Kamakura and Muromachi periods (1185-1568). Special details were added everywhere, with farmhouse annexes to the samurai-style main house, such as a high-floored warehouse, a storage shed, and animal pens. All structures show the unique features of Okinawa's residential building style. The house was built on land cleared upon a gentle, south-facing slope. It is surrounded on the east, south, and west by walls made of Ryukyu limestone. along the inside of which are planted Fukugi trees that serve as a windbreak to protect the house from the seasonal typhoons.

Basic information


Company name The Nakamura House
Business conditions National Important Cultural Property
Address 106 Ooshiro, Kitanakagusuku Village
Business activities National Important Cultural Property
Representative Kunihiro Nakamura
TEL: +81-98-935-3500
Access 50 minutes drive from Naha airport
Parking free
Type/Genre Peace Studies/Cultural Experiences
Area Kitanakagusuku village


The Nakamura House

You can obseve an old traditional farmer's residence.

Admission Adults \500 junior and high school student \300 elementary school student \200 for Group (20people and more) Adults \450 junior and high school student \270 elementary school student \180

Gift Shop

Theare are seesahs and Okinawan traditional crafts . You can buy souvenirs.