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Ryukyu Glass Village

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Ryukyu Glass Village,The beauty and warmth of Ryukyu glass can be felt with all your senses,Ryukyu Glass Glass ateliers Itoman City Senior In time of rain Group Study tour Wheelchair friendly Other barrier free The unique beauty of Ryukyu glass and the brilliance of the red, blue and green, in which Okinawa’s abundant nature can be felt, gives warmth and deep relaxation to the hearts of those who see it and use Ryukyu glass.

Ryukyu Glass Village is the largest glass factory in Okinawa Japan, established in 1985.
Our glassware is 100% handmade with vivid colors and various shapes like picturing the nature of Okinawa, specializing in blown & cased glass, created by skilled craftsmen.

Basic information


Company name Ryukyu Glass Village
Business conditions Glass Factory
Address 169 Fukuji, Itoman City, Okinawa 901-0345 Japan
Business activities Glass Factory(Shopping centre and workshop) Restaurant
Representative Seiya Oue
Access Approx. 25mins from Naha Airport.
Parking 60 cars, 10 buses - free for visitors
Type/Genre Peace Studies/Cultural Experiences
Area Itoman city


Glass making workshop

Make your own glass cup

Join workshop and make your own glass.
We need 3days to cool down. But we can ship to overseas.

Engraving Service

Glass for souvenir

We can engrave your name or company logo.
If you interested in engraving, please contact our company.