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Nuchi Masu Co.,Ltd. Salt manufacturing company

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"Nuchi-masu" is good for your health as it contains only 73% Sodium Chloride and instead it contains 21 different minerals. In particular, Nuchi Masu contains 200 times the amount of magnesium and 10 times the amount of pottasium compared to other salts. Nuchi Masu is made with the patented method called, "Normal-temperature, Instant, Aerial, Crystallized Method." It is known for snow scene in semi-tropical Okinawa.

Nuchi Masu Company was established in 1997 when the president invented a machine to manufacture salt by mist dry method. The method is so unique that he received many awards from Japanese Government. Over 120,000 tourists annually visit the Nuchi Masu company to enjoy the very original salt manufacturing method, shopping, food, and the superb view of the Pacific Ocean side of Okinawa. The company is known for Nuchi Masu salt which contains less Sodium Chloride and rich in different minerals.

Basic information


Company name Nuchi Masu Co.,Ltd. Salt manufacturing company
Business conditions Salt Manufacturing Business & Sightseeingsight
Address 2768 Yonashiro Miyagi, Uruma city Okinawa, 904-2423 JAPAN
Business activities Specialty Products
Representative Masakatsu Takayasu
TEL: +81-98-983-1140
Access 70 minutes by car from Naha airport (via Okinawa Expressway)
Parking 45cars and 4 buses
Type/Genre Theme Parks/Entertainment
Area Uruma city


Observe an amazingly original salt manufacturing factory

Snow Scene in Semi-tropical Island of Okinawa

The Tour of the crystallizing, inspecting, and packaging process of very unique salt manufacturing factory led by a guide. The left snow scene is observed as the salt is instantly crystallized in mid-air at normal temperature and falls and accumulate on the floor. This unique method makes it possible to contain 21 different kind of minerals and less Sodium Chloride in the salt Tour guide is provided every 20 minutes. You can also enjoy the factory yourself without a guide. This factory and other facilities on Nuchi Masu premise open daily from 0900 to 17:30.

Happy Cliff (Kafu Banta)

Superb view of the Pacific Ocean

The Happy Cliff is located on the premise of Nuchi Masu Company. You can enjoy very beautiful ocean view and look down untouched natural beach. Happy Cliff was selected as No. 1 Superb Viewpoint in Okinawa by the Globe-Trotter Travel Magazine in 2016.

Shop and Restaurant

Purchase and Enjoy Mineral-rich sea salt products

Since Nuchi Masu is mineral-rich natural sea salt and good for health, many health-oriented visitors purchase our products in the store. You can purchase various kind of Nuchi Masu sea salt products including cooking salt, table salt, miso, shoyu, and others. Also, you can purchase many Japanese goodies made by many Japanese companies using Nuchi Masu salt as ingredient. You can also purchase cosmetics including silk salt massage powder, cleansing cream, shampoo, soap, bath salt, and toothpaste. In the restaurant, you can enjoy health-oriented Nuchi Masu-used menu. In particular, Nuchi Masu Salt Soft Ice Cream is well sold as it uses flesh milk and no additives. Many people visit here for the Nuchi Masu Salt Soft.

Power Spots

Get natural healing energy from the Pacific Ocean

On the premise of Nuchi Masu Company, there are 4 power spots where you are supposed to be able to get natural ocean energy. Many people come here to get healing energy in the beautiful natural atmosphere and pray for good health, blessedness, and others. In Okinawa, the God of Ocean is dragon and we have one spot called the God of Dragon Energy Way. This spot is one of the corner of a triangle connecting Sacred Kudaka Jima, Se-fa Sacred Place, and Nuchi Masu.


Nuchi Masu, The Salt for what the ocean is

Nuchi Masu contains 21different minerals thanks to very unique salt manufacturing method and is, good for your health, good for your beauty, and good taste for your gourmet life. It was registered in the Guinness World Records in 2000 for its significant mineral richness. It won the Grand Gold Medal for consecutive 8 years in 2016 and also best quality awards for 10 years at the Monde Selection in 2016.
Nuchi Masu is used not only for seasoning but also for an ideal mineral supplement in daily life. We use no additives in Nuchi Masu, and the raw material is 100% Okinawa sea water adjacent to small off-shore island of Miyagi Jima.
The salt is considered very tasty, with famous chefs at many restaurants in Japan complimenting its flavor.


2000/2/1 Guinness World Records in 2000 Nuchi Masu, the salt containing 21 kinds of minerals, for its most mineral richness.
2003/10/1 Incentive Award the Director-General of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, Japan
2008/5/1 Selected as one of 300 Small and Medium Enterprises for the Active Manufacturing Company in Japan
2009/4/1 Distinguished Service Award the Director-General of the Patent Agency, Japan
2009/4/1 Scientific and Engineering Award the Minister of the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan
2013/5/1 Second Place for 「Satisfied Visit for Factory and Educational Tour in 2013」 in japan wide selected by Trip Advisor
2016/6/1 First place for Superb View Point in Okinawa Selected by the Globe-Trotter Travel Magazine
2016/6/1 Best Quality Award from the Monde Selection for 10 years of receiving Grand Gold Medals and Gold Medals
2016/6/1 Grand Gold Medals for consecutive 8 years from the Monde Selection