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YOTSUTAKE Kokusai Street Branch

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Luxury shrimp minimal luxury Modern space creates a rich expression and gorgeous feasts Space of hospitality is chic setting based on rouge color. We use a style of sum, such as a straight line and a grid, to produce with a simplified universal beauty. High ceiling considering sound, play of classical lighting, shadow of light and shadow. Please enjoy listening to the Ryukyu which you can listen to and enjoy in a new style of relaxation.

Okinawa Renting ・ Ryukyu Cuisine and Ryukyu Performance

Basic information


Company name YOTSUTAKE Kokusai Street Branch
Business conditions theater restaurant
Address 3-29-70 Kumoji, Naha city, Okinawa Prefecture
Business activities Okinawa Renting ・ Ryukyu Cuisine and Ryukyu Performance
Representative Yukisada Okumura
Access 6 minutes from the prefectural government before Station
Parking No parking
Type/Genre Ryukyu Cuisine/Okinawan Home Cooking Restaurant
Theme FOOD
Area Naha city