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Reeffers is a diving shop specialising in same day return trips to the beatiful Kerama Islands.
We specialise in ocean sports with our main tours being experience diving, Fun diving and snorkeling.
We offer full day and half day tours to suit all travellers schedules to Okinawa.
Reeffers is open all year round with Whale watching tours operating during winter.
We have Japanese, English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish and Portuguese speaking staff.
All staff at Reeffers look forward to showing you the beauty of the Kerama Islands.

Basic information


Company name United Marine
Address 〒900-0036 沖縄県那覇市西1-21-6
Business activities Marine sports, experience diving, Fun diving, Snorkeling, Whale watching
Representative Koji Sakazaki
Type/Genre Marine Sports
Area Naha city
Supported language
Supported market
Reciprocal Customer Transfer performance Not Available


Experience diving

From morning to evening, you can spend the day relaxing in Kerama’s paradise.
You can enjoy the beautiful sky, ocean and white sands from our boat. It will feel as you are in a resort. In Kerama’s beautiful transparent waters you can see straight down to the oceans floor where a mix of colourful playful fish and of course sea turtles await you.
Our tours will take you to Zamami island, Kuro Island, Tokashiki island and Gishippu Islands in Kerama. Once spending an unforgettable morning diving, you can enjoy lunch on our boat. From the afternoon, we will change our diving location where you can snorkel for free or as an option take another amazing dive. An added dive will cost 5000 yen. Below the bright and shining sun take time to relax and refresh yourself in paradise. For those who wish to capture their memory in paradise don't worry. We have underwater cameras available for purchase on our cruisers.


You can experience snorkelling off the beautiful deserted islands of Kerama. Relax watching the clear blue sky, clear waters with white sand from our cruisers. It will feel like you are relaxing in a resort. Snorkelling in the clear waters of Kerama you can see colourful fish and often sea turtles will come by to say hello. Refresh your mind and soul whilst relaxing under the glowing sun in paradise. For customers wishing to take their special memory of Kerama home with them.

Fun Diving

We have the perfect tours for customers with diving licenses.
Dive into the clear blue waters of Kerama and discover the amazing sea life that surrounds you.

Whale watching

Every year Humpback whales migrate for thousands of kilometres from the Arctic circle to the warm waters of Kerama to reproduce, give birth and raise their young. Just departing about 10 minutes from Naha there is a very good chance you can discover them. Here you can enjoy the Humpback whale’s magnificent performances, such as their breath-taking leaps out of the water.
Considering that Humpback whales are natural animals there is a chance we may not see any during the tour.


Any one can enjoy diving with our multilingual staff!

At Reeffers we have staff that can speak Japanese, English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish and Portuguese.
Language has no boundaries for those who wish to dive into the magical waters of Kerama.