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Kabira Bay Ishigaki Is. Gift from the ocean

Ryukyu-pearl is the company which succeeded in culturing black Pearl for the first time in the world and also only one company which culture both black and south sea pearl in Japan

Basic information


Company name Ryukyu-Pearl Co.,Ltd.
Address 934 Kabira Ishigaki Okinawa
Business activities Culturing Black pearl and South sea pearl ,making and retailing jewelries and running a cafe
Representative Kazuhumi Tokashiki
Type/Genre Souvenirs , Ryukyu Cuisine/Okinawan Home Cooking Restaurant
Area Ishigaki city
Supported language
Supported market
Reciprocal Customer Transfer performance Not Available



Factory store in front of Kabira Bay, where black pearls culturing started.

We await you with our proud variety of pearls.
Choose unforgattable peace of your own pearl, as a memory of a trip, a gift for your important person.
You can also have snacks and cakes of locally produced ingredients enjoying panoramic view at the R's cafe , which is set up next to the shop and the nearest cafe to Kabira Bay .
Besides factory store, We have 4 shops in Ishigaki Is.and 2 shops in Okinawa Is. and all of our shops is tax free shops and accept major credit cards.


1953 Succeeded in culturing Black pearl for the first time in the world
1980 Succeeded in seedling production of Black lipped oyster
1984 Succeeded in seedling production of Silver/Gold lipped oyster
1991 Succeeded in the production of large amounts of South Sea pearl for the first time in Japan
2000 Black pearl pendant of Ryukyu pearl was selected as one of the official presents for the first ladies at Kyusyu Okiawa Summit


Pendants with a wide variety and price ( 18,000 Yen~) are the most popular items.
Our newly designed product line " WANNU "
We have a variety of jewelry for men
South sea pearls with gorgeous hue and size
We spend about 6years in culturing pearl
Gathered pearls are finished by craftmen to be a part of various jewelry and accesories
Inside factory store