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be natural, be the way you are... yoga lesson salon YOGA SHANTI

Hello everyone!

Yoga Shanti is a yoga salon in the center of Naha city.
We have 4 various yoga instructor,and provides various yoga class es such as in the private yoga salon, beautiful beach, sunrise and sunset class at hotel poolside, event at Okinawa old houses.
Also the owner instructor Cathy was used to travel around the world 47 countries.She can speak English well so that it is able to make a English yoga class for travelers from foreign countries.
Yoga will make you natural, happy, and remind what you are. We are happy to make you relax and feel Okinawa nature!

Please feel free to message us!

Basic information


Company name Yoga Shanti
Address thomas nishimachi405,2-20-9,nahashi nishi,Okinawa,Japan
Business activities yoga activity
Representative Kyoko Sakaue
Type/Genre Theme Parks/Entertainment
Theme SIT
Area Naha city
Supported language
Supported market
Reciprocal Customer Transfer performance Not Available


Private yoga lesson

Teaching how to breathing, meditation, and some yoga poses privately

Private yoga lesson will be held in Yoga Shanti private yoga salon.(in Asahibashi)
It contains how to breathing, meditation,some yoga poses for your body.
75minutes all included 4000yen.

Group yoga lesson

Teaching basic hata yoga with other guests

Group lesson will be held in Yoga Shanti private salon(in Asahibashi)
Will be held 2 times for everyday,but please ask the details about English lesson.

60minutes 1600yen(extra 200yen for rental yoga mat)

yoga event

We also have a yoga event frequently.
We can provide Okinawa old house yoga event(including meditation)in south Okinawa, Middle of Okinawa

If you have a big tour group, we can manage the yoga tour event.please ask the details!


The view for healing aroma yoga in Yoga Shati private lesson salon

This is the video for the group lesson in Yoga Shanti asahibashi private studio.


April 2015 open Yoga Shanti private salon
Aug 2015 yoga event in hotel Pacific(10 days morning yoga)
Sep 2015 start sunrise yoga in hotel of ryukyu hot spring senaga island(everyday 6:30~7:00)
Jan 2016 event in erabu school festival(Hall of martial arts) 5000 people came
April 2016 start out salon lesson in Agarihama culture center
May 2016 yoga & french lunch event in hotel mercure
July 2016 start group lesson in Yoga Shanti salon
Aug 2016 start charity yoga event in okinawa old house(once a month)
Nov 2016 start sunset yoga in hotel of ryukyu hot spring senaga island(weekend 17:00~18:00)


out salon lesson in rental studio
yoga lesson in hotel(senagajima island hotel) poolside
hotel lesson in hotel pacific atrium
yoga event
yoga & lunch event in hotel mercure
yoga & lunch event in hotel mercure
Cathy with sunset