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When you think of Okinawa and helicopter, think EXCEL AIR SERVICE INC.!!

Okinawa (which consists of 160 islands) there are many demands and opportunities for aviation such as scenic flights, aviation photography, news coverage, and (when ships are canceled) work as a helicab, etc. In this environment we will continue our aggressive business expansion so that we can meet your needs and expectations.

Running "safe operations" is the first priority for all our services. By improving employee awareness and ensuring compliance to safety standards, we will continue to promote the idea that flight safety is achieved when all employees work together.

Basic information


Business conditions Transport industry
Address Domestic Line Passenger Terminal 1F Naha Airport 150 Kagamizu Naha-shi Okinawa
Business activities Air Transport Services(passenger ・cargo ・sightseeing);Aerial Work Services(TV News Reporting ・Observation ・Aerial Photography);Aircraft Maintenance and Operations;Aircraft Sales;Aircraft Handling Service
Representative Masayuki, Oshikawa
Access Naha Airport Domestic Line Passenger Terminal 1F
Parking multi-storey car park (p1/p2/p3)
Type/Genre Airplane/Ship
Area Naha city


【Sightseeing】Chibishi ・ Maejima course

~ The white beach and sea of emerald green is very impressive! ~

The gradation of the coral reef is beautiful. This course allows you to view the Chibishi Atoll, consisting of Nagan'nu Island, Kamiyama Island and Kuefu Island, as well as Maejima and Hate Island. You might also meet sea turtles which bring good fortune! You can’t start your trip to Okinawa without taking a look at this scenery!

Duration: 20 minutes of flight time
Charter Price: ¥64,800 (max five people)

【Sightseeing】Kerama Islands National Park course

~ Enjoy your time in the sky as you soar over the ocean the world falls in love with ~

This course flies around the Kerama Islands which was designated a national park on March 5,2014(Coral Day). Even if you aren't good at diving, you can leisurely enjyou a superb view from the sky. The world loves the contrast of the "Kerama ble" ocean, the coral reefs, white sandy beaches, and green of the islands... it's paradise.

Duration: 30 minutes of flight time
Charter Price: ¥97,200 (max five people)

【Sightseeing】Marine Road and the East Coast course

~ Enjoy the world heritage sites, while enjoying the blue of the ocean ~

Tour the charming islands connected to the Katsuren peninsula by the marine road (Henza Island/Hamahiga Island/ Miyagi Island and Ikei Island), while overlooking the Awase tidal flats and the Katsuren Castle world heritage site. The shimmering blue ocean and beautiful island landscape provide a different view than that of the west coast.

Duration: 45 minutes of flight time
Charter Price: ¥145,800 (max five people)

【Helicopter TAXI】Naha Airport ⇔ Kerama Airport

You can enjoying the Okinawa unique landscape(the coral reefs and the US military base), while moving to the destination.

Regular Price➢➢¥64,800
max five people
15 minutes of flight time(one way)

When ship operations are suspended a subsidization is applied.
Half Price➢➢¥32,400
According to Zamami village’s “Eliminating Shima-Chabi (Okinawan word for bad weather conditions preventing transportation between islands) and stabilizing transportation project,” when the ship is cancelled or the departure time is changed, and the high-speed boat is in dock, a subsidization is applied.
Please use the village sea route from Aka Island to Zamami Island.
Only when the village sea route has been canceled, the Zamami heliport will become accessible.


Aerial Shoot 「CM/TV program shooting」

OKINAWA has unique blue seas, white sand, and green islands.
We offer the best angles of the scenery to see on TV and in magazines.

※A vibration-proof pedestal is equipped on the pilot's side, allowing you to shoot dynamic video and powerful images.



Kerama airport
Our skilled pilot will take you over OKINAWA―show you the sights of beautiful blue sea and sky.
You can get a full view of the breathtakingly deep blue and mystical world!!
Shurijo Castle Park ☞ A World Heritage Site that tells the tales of the prosperous Ryukyu Kingdom......
Aerial shoot ☞ To celebrate 10th anniversary of grade school.
Aerial shoot ☞ Okinawa Cellular Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Naha, Japan.
The world is in love with Kerama Islands!!
Aerial shoot ☞ The yacht race is the big annual event of the summer on Zamami Island.