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It is a new company. Sea Technico Co.,Ltd


It is a new company. Sea Technico Co.,Ltd The Yaeyama Islands(Including the Ishigaki Island, islands) are surrounded by a serene sea, which is full of beautiful coral reef and many kinds of fish. All ages, young and old, can enjoy a safe trip on our customized special boat. We also offer a variety of tours such as “Phantom(Maboroshi) of Island”tour ,School field trip, guided nature tours and other tours are also available. *The Yaima-go(The name of the sail boat) circumnavigated the globe in Jan 2011 and has set sail across all of the seas and oceans in the world. This was when we fully realized that the Yaeyama Sea is one of the most fantastic places in the world! Why don’t you enjoy one of the world’s best oceans with Sea Technico!