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Benefits of
becoming a member

Use a range of convenient functions to search for local tourism operators!
"We recommend you register as a member to take advantage of the many benefits"

Benefits for overseas agents registering as members


Exchange messages with local operators

Send direct mail to organizations on the website


Recruit operators on a project basis

Publish projects you have created using the My Page feature on the website and compile a list of local operators on a project basis.


Save your favorites

Save local operators you have viewed in your favorites list and manage them all from the My Page feature.


Save notes and bring up a range of maps

Leave notes to operators saved in your favorites list and bring up maps to see where they are.
You can also select operators you have looked up on the map and search for routes to get there.


Receive regular information on recommended operators

Recommended operators matched to users are picked up and you can receive the operator lists thereof regularly.


Receive information about Okinawa through our e-mail magazine

Receive suggestions for effective matching and seasonal information about the whole of Okinawa.